LTL Shipping Services

AB & Son Logistic llc. provide both air freight services and sea freight services worldwide. We are the leading freight forwarders in the world. Our company has been in the freight forwarding industry for more than half a century. AB & Son provides LTL freight shipping or Limited Lift Top Shipping to all worldwide locations. With our fast and reliable service, the transport of heavy goods is made easy. International cargo forwarding is one of the most lucrative export markets for AB & Son Logistics llc.
Most often, when you are shipping overseas, there is a need to send parcels or heavy goods by sea. Sea freight is very costly and takes up to a year to deliver. With our LTL international shipping services, it is possible to receive your shipment within five days of shipping. With our twenty-four-hour global shipping presence, AB & Son logistics llc can get your packages to the desired location and we make sure that the customs brokering company receives their
shipments safely and promptly.

International freight services

We use special containers to ship your goods. These containers are costlier than ordinary shipping containers but they have a longer life. Our International freight services do not always have the best rates for LTL cargo shipments. In order to ship your goods to the desired location.
Our International Freight Service is a completely online service. You do not need to personally visit the branch offices in order to obtain the shipment details and then make the payment. All your payments can be made online. In this way, you will be able to track the status of your parcel at any time.
Using our exceptional freight service will save you both time and money. It helps you avoid unnecessary hassles. Besides, you will not have to make any extra payments for the packaging and storage services. Thus, your overall expenditure for sending the package becomes irrelevant.
We provide different types of shipping services, these include container shipping, air freight shipping, ocean freight services, and road transport. If you are interested in any of the services offered by us, all you need to do is log on to our website and check out the options available. You can also contact the representatives for more information.

Affordable LTL Shipping Prices

AB & Sons Logistics llc provide you the best LTL shipping cost, it is very important to choose the right service provider so that you do not have to spend extra money on unessential expenses. The delivery time of your parcel also matters a lot. AB & Sons Logistics llc will ensure that the shipment reaches the desired destination on time without losing any of its quality. Since it is difficult to determine the shipping costs in advance, you should rely on us so that you can get the best possible rates. Now, that you know everything about how we provide LTL shipping service, contact us now for further information, we are 24/7 available to help you with exceptional international freight services.