Safety and Security

AB & Sons Logistics understands how Safety and Security have become a major concern in logistics; if your shipment is going through six or seven hands before it reaches its final destination, this is a major concern you should pay attention to. Our Safety and Security services are based on a team with years of experience. We aim to offer our clients timely delivery, ensuring the goods are delivered in perfect condition. Moreover, every employee in our company is hired after a detailed background check, educational check, and work experience. In addition to this, our company follows a strict access control that prevents the entry of any unauthorized persons. We ensure the identification of every employee, visitor, and supplier using badge & identity cards

24/7 Monitoring System

We offer a state-of-the-art security system that includes alarms and surveillance cameras near all access points. All your goods are safe and secure under our proactive monitoring system. Our team of experienced armed security guards is working 24/7 to make sure your goods are secured with us. We offer our customers security that gives them the peace of mind they want.

Secure Fencing

As far as prevention measures are concerned, we fence around the boundary and take that extra layer of security just to make sure our customers feel secure with our services. AB & Sons uses the best suitable options for keeping our warehouse secure with metal, wire mesh, and electric perimeter security fencing.

Certified Employees

Why Us? We take certification and experience as a higher consideration while inducting any new member in our company. You can trust us when it comes to professionalism and experience.

We are well aware of accidents that can take place, despite all the safety and security logistics measures. The injury rate is higher in logistics than the national average for all industries. We prevent risks with a safer forklift, proper stacking, and satisfactory fire safety provisions, among other steps. Moreover, we take significant steps to keep our employees safe and secure, including fire drills and workshops every month. We take pride in our work; our process is streamlined and equipped with the latest technology to reduce every charge of injury. With AB & Sons, you get trustable partners for Logistics solutionsExpedite shipping, and Dispatching Services.

We can help you if you have goods to fill up a full truckload; your freight will be the only thing on the truck, as we offer personalized services for security reasons. All are carriers are experienced and professional; they pick up from the origin and drive straight to your destination. Aside from driver rest breaks, fuel, and equipment issues, the truck doesn’t stop, resulting in much faster transit times. In addition, your freight never leaves the truck, resulting in much less handling and fewer opportunities to be damaged. You can trust our services, as we are committed to you!

Moreover, if you are in need of Less than Truckload services, then you can use ours; we will deliver your items with other goods to your destination within the deadline efficiently. You can send a variety of items, varying weight, size, value, and location, by trusting our professional. We have never faced any issue of good damage, late delivery, or more.

Keeping a complete transparency, we let your track your order till it reach its destination, moreover, our customer service team is always available for you, so you can reach out to them at any time for any type of query. We promise to keep your goods safe and secure till it reaches its destination!

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